Our Roots

History of Lochearn Elementary School

Due to extensive oil activity in our area during the fifties, the population crew to such an extent that a new elementary school was desperately needed.  Consequently, in 1959 construction of an eight room school began in a newly acquired subdivision in the north-west corner of Rocky Mountain House.

On September 19, 1960, 243 students, grades 1 to 8 inclusive, and eight teachers began a new year in a new school, Lochearn Elementary School.  The building was not finished, and after picking their way through ankle deep mud, students and teachers began work amid the sounds of hammers and saws, and the smell of tile cement and paint.

The staff was comprised of Mr. Orava, Principal and Grade 8, Mrs. Killian, Vice-Principal and Grade 6, Mrs. Switzer - Grade 7, Mrs. Scott - Grade 5, Mrs. Orava - Grade 4, Mrs. Hanson - Grade 3, Mrs. Jackson - Grade 2 and Mrs. Martin - Grade 1.

There was no secretary or office assistance of any kind.  The clerical work was taken care of by the administration.  Teachers, including the administration, taught full-time except for one period per week when Mr. Marshall and Mr. Thomas came in to teach physical education, and one period per week when Mrs. Wilson, a visiting Librarian, came to the school.

In the fall of 1961, the students of grade 7 and 8 were transferred to the high school and Lochearn inherited an extra class each of grade 5 and 6.  

As the population continued to grow, Lochearn was soon surrounded by new homes and the school was soon overflowing.  In the summer of 1970, construction began on new offices, washrooms, two single and one team-teaching classroom.  A new gymnasium was also added while the original gym served as a team-teaching area for grade 4 classes until the new classrooms were completed.  In January of 1971, it became the present Learning Commons.

Again in 1980, more space was required and two classrooms were added to the north end of the building; our current grade 5 classrooms.

Through the years many teachers and students have thought of Lochearn School as "my school".  Numbers have fluctuated between 240 and 430; however, a congenial "family" atmosphere has always been retained.  There have been many changes in education during the 60 year history of Lochearn School, yet the purpose of the school remains the same:  to provide the best possible learning atmosphere for the children, and have "All Students Succeed".